Mark & Sheila Photo
Mark & Sheila Photo

Family/Group Portraits

  • Please coordinate your outfits
  • Neutral, earth tone colors are best
  • Stay away from busy prints



  • Best done between 28 - 36 weeks
  • The belly should be round and not yet descended
  • It's all about the belly
  • Wear clothes that will accentuate the belly
  • Feel free to bring several change of clothing
  • We do have several fabric to drape the body



  • It should take 2-3 hours
  • The newborn should be fed prior to the session
  • Taking into account the baby waking up for feeding and change
  • Bring any props and personal items you want included in the photos



  • It is best to schedule according to children's nap and sleeping habits
  • For outdoor sessions clothing should be weather appropriate
  • Bring any props/toys you want to include 


Engagement Photos

  • Neutral, earth tone colors are recommended to reflect light better.
  • Stay away from busy prints.
  • Coordinate your outfits, but avoid wearing the same color.
  • Women, bring comfortable shoes for walking in between locations
  • Feel free to bring any props you want.


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